The Ultimate upgrade to your Health Life

I didn’t really know what I was missing to upgrade my Health Life to a whole different level. It’s nothing unusual but the realization came late. One investment that changed it all and made my wife and me happier & healthier than ever. Any idea what it could be ? Find out.

1.0 How it started

I would consider myself a big fan of a healthy but cost effective living, since my wife and me changed to a healthier diet, our quality of life changed for better, fresh vegetables, fruits, meats & nuts are not the the ones that blast our grocery budget. It even slightly reduced because we wont had to eat a Ben & Jerries every night but instead go for a Greek yogurt with raspberries and sliced apples.

No, the preproduced and prepacked Smoothie in the fridge section, which we love for breakfast, were (for the milliliters you get) very pricey. I must admit we also did smoothies by ourself before, but the convinience and efficiency, as well as the volume you could produce where lacking, with the blender we had.

Blender on counter with fruits

2.0 How the Problem got fixed

The usual Tuesday, my wife and me walked through Costco, while walking through the frozen department, she said: ”Look at the price of the frozen berries and fruits, in relation to how many smoothies we could make out of it, it’s a bargain”, she is right, but I had to explain to her that with our current blender it’s a ”Pain in the ass”, and would only end up in refilling the blender 4 to 6 times to get a proper portion, for today or even tomorrow.

Instead of complaining about our impractical blender, that’s where the idea shoot up in my mind. We should get a blender that fulfills our needs, even though proper blender are not cheap, the investment would pay dividends in the long run. On that day we bought our new Kitchen Aid blender and are happier and healthier than ever.

smoothie with ingredients

3.0 Did you know ?

Now, thanks to our Blender, we are free from buying prepackaged Smoothies, which not only saves plastic and money. If you didn’t know most are great percentage of the smoothies you can buy are a scam, 60%, depending on the brand sometimes even more, is apple juice, which is cheap, so why do they charge so much ?

In addition, they brag with names like Berry boost, Green health, etc. but mostly consist of apple and the great ingredients they advertise only take 1 or 2 % of the whole bottle, that’s the moment were I personally feel tricked. The apple trick causes less nutrients, more sugar and a price that doesn’t reflect the value you get.

4.0 The Benefits

We already mentioned a couple benefits above, let’s collect all the improvements our blender added to our Health Life

Cost savings: After a Blender investment, you need the fruits, we recommend frozen fruits in bulk, you wish to add to your smoothie, instead of needing to buy ready to go smoothies and pay the company for getting the ingredients, processing, labour & transport to the store & environment fees, which end up in the price you pay.

Saving Plastic: Either you need to buy a bottle every time you buy a smoothie, bring your reusable cup to the smoothie store, or get a palette of smoothies which are additionally wrapped with plastic. Our simply get your own blender with nacked fruits and a pack of bulk frozen fruits, which are equivalent to 21 smoothies and the plastic of one big bottle.

Freedom of ingredients: Well, you can add anything your smoothie, that you want & don’t need to orientate what company adds what to your smoothie and what store sells the smoothie. No, you decide when, where and what happens to your smoothie.

More nutrients: If I would guess you wouldn’t add as many apples as the smoothie industry would, instead more berries, banana, pineapple, kale, carrot, avocado, coconut water, protein powder, collagen, you will provide far more value than what a bought smoothie could ever do !

Finding your ultimate recipe: Get as creative and try as much varieties of ingredients than you would ever imagine and the best part you can learn how to make your ultimate favorite smoothie recipe, your whole neighborhood will know about, due to so much opportunities you will be able to try out and trust me its so much fun to find out what tastes best for you !

Healthier diet: You will increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, consume less processed foods, increase your hydration & have an easy meal prep for a few days and trust me that will make you feel amazing and healthier than ever. It doesn’t take much but the blender has a great domino effect and will get your health game rolling !

5.0 Our favorite recipe

My wife and I love it and have it more often than our other recipe and its easy.

We use around 200g of frozen three berry blend (Raspberries, blueberries, blackberries), also around 50-100g frozen Pineapple, 2 cups of water, 2 bananas 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder, a thumbnail of ginger, a tablespoon of collagen and than give it a good blend and enjoy 🙂

6.0 Conclusion

To sum it up, a blender that fits your needs is a great investment for your health in the long run, we recommend the one we recently bought. If you want to check it out here.

Furthermore, the benefits that come along with it are much greater than buying smoothies in the grocery store. Investing in a blender that meets your needs can be a game-changer for your health and well-being.

By making your own smoothies, you can save money, reduce plastic waste, have the freedom to choose your ingredients, and create recipes that are tailored to your taste and nutritional goals.

Not to mention, you’ll be consuming more fruits and vegetables, and less processed foods, which can lead to a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Our favorite recipe is a great place to start, and who knows, you might just discover your own ultimate favorite smoothie recipe. With a blender, the possibilities are endless. Click here for the first step to a healthier living !

So, why not give it a try?

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