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Fit Mama on the Go: Fitness for Busy Single Moms

Life as Fit Mama on the Go, can get pretty busy and stressful, cooking food, cleaning the home, bringing the kids from A to B, washing the clothes, going to work, does it feel similar to you ? Finding the time for a workout can be tough. Don’t worry we have a couple solutions, that will help your busy everyday life to get easier and make you fit !

Time Management

If you are honest to yourself, do you often say ”I don’t have time”, if that’s the case I can ensure you have the time but you’re lacking effective planning and time management. Not having the time translates into that’s not my priority, but are you really confident what your priorities are and if they are effectively aligned together to get the maximum out of your time and maybe establish room for activities you would like too, but are missing out because of ineffective time management.

Now I want you to write down what you have to do in a week, from daily activities, to events that will just happen in this week, so you can find how to match your daily’s effectively and how to can work with instead of against, by being surprised by the weekly events. Make sure to leave some space for unexpected surprises that can always occur !

If you need help creating a time plan for your week or a muster plan to effectively manage your time make sure to contact us here

No need for Hourlong Workouts

Trust me, you don’t need to spent hours in the gym to become fit. Neither, have your home workouts to extend to a unreasonable amount of time, nor do they have to be everyday. Therefore long workouts are not more effective, than their shorter counterpart.

Coupled with a study from Massachusetts General Hospital: ” The research team describes how about 12 minutes of acute cardiopulmonary exercise affected more than 80 percent of circulating metabolites, including pathways linked to a wide range of favorable health outcomes, thus identifying potential mechanisms that could contribute to a better understanding of cardiometabolic benefits of exercise.”

Moreover, the benefits of an only 12 minutes workout are insulin resistance, oxidative stress, vascular reactivity, inflammation, and longevity. Of course you can extend the time exercising depending on your feeling and time but now you can see that all it takes are 12 minutes to make you sweat and get you fit ! Most importantly, you can always find 12 minutes throughout your day, so time can’t be an excuse now.

Include your Kids

Depended on your kids age, you can either make them join you in your home workout or yoga session. I personally think especially for younger kids it would be very beneficial for their later life, as well as a good role model to inspire them to become active too ! Yoga can enhance your children’s strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem. While growing older with yoga your kids will reap the benefits of improved memory, concentration and academic performance. Here is a Video for partner poses you can include your kids.

On the other side, if your kids are already older and themselves active in sports you can ask for assistance on how and what to consider for working out, at best you can do a workout once or twice a week together, which will not only improve your fitness but also establish some enhanced bonding too !

From Daily Activity to Workout

If you didn’t know you can easily convert daily activities into workouts, there is not much required except for will ! If the school or workplace are only in a 10 minute walking distance, why taking the car if you can improve your circulation by walking. When you have the choice between the elevator or stairs, why not strengthening your leg muscles and making time pass quicker. As well as mopping, vacuuming, gardening and scrubbing can demand physical effort, in addition you can turn on the music and dance while doing it to improve your mood and burn some extra calories dancing !

There are a lot of chances daily, which seem small and not effective but over time they will add up and make & keep you fit over time, you just need to be willing to do it, also creative to find ways to transform daily activity to mini workouts.

Free Personalized Workout Plan

Congratulations you have the will to improve yourself and get the best out of you day after day, that’s why you have landed here. As you know hard work and the will for the better will be awarded. Therefore we have something special for you ! We offer you a personalized workout plan for an Entire Month for FREE, which would usually costs 29,99 $.

We will tailor all your needs and timely barriers into the workout plan to relief you from your busy schedule and help you reach your fitness goals and elevate your well being to the next level.

All you have to do now is go to our Instagram page @healthandfitnessbyJF leave a follow and send us a private message with the code ”Mom”, we will ask you for a few details like your time available for the week, as well as what fitness goals you want to accomplish. Right after we will send you your Free Personalized Workout Plan within 1 day !


As a busy single mom, you deserve a fitness plan that fits your schedule. Say goodbye to excuses and hello to a healthier you with our time-saving solutions.

Efficiently manage your time by prioritizing and planning. Our expertly crafted workouts will show you that you don’t need hours in the gym. Just 12 minutes of focused exercise can transform your health and well-being.

Involve your kids in your fitness journey and set a positive example for their future. Turn everyday activities into mini workouts, maximizing your calorie burn and overall fitness.

Ready to take the next step? Claim your FREE personalized workout plan for an entire month. Our trainers will tailor it to your needs, helping you reach your goals while navigating your busy schedule.

Seize the opportunity to unlock your fitness potential as a single mom. Visit @healthandfitnessbyJF, follow us, and message us with the code “Mom” to start your transformation today! No more waiting. It’s time to prioritize your health and well-being. Join us on this empowering journey to become the fit, confident, and fabulous mom you deserve to be!

What steps are you currently taking or planning to take to prioritize your fitness as a busy single mom?

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