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5 Essential Running Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

Have you ever laced up your running shoes, filled with enthusiasm, only to find yourself sidelined by injuries or discomfort? If you’ve been searching for practical, beginner-friendly advice to enhance your running experience

mindfulness mediation
Healthy Lifestyle
Jerome Mielczarek

Mindfulness Mastery: The Art of Being Present and Empowered

In our fast-paced world, where distractions are constant, the practice of mindfulness has become more important than ever. In this post, we will explore various aspects of mindfulness, answering key questions about its

Thumbnail testosterone
Healthy Lifestyle
Jerome Mielczarek

Is Testosterone Good for Women or Is It Beneficial for Men Only?

When you hear ‘testosterone,’ you probably think of men. But what about women? In the age of information and social media, testosterone has been predominantly highlighted as the male’s hormone, often overshadowing its

5 fitness fallacies for enthusiastic beginners
Fitness Fallacies
Jerome Mielczarek

5 Fitness Fallacies: Enthusiastic Beginners

In the world of the internet many myths can spread around like a pandemic. These myths lead to Fallacies, which can affect your workouts, motivation and further fitness journey. While you are setting

new post mom with kid
Health Changer
Jerome Mielczarek

Fit Mama on the Go: Fitness for Busy Single Moms

Life as Fit Mama on the Go, can get pretty busy and stressful, cooking food, cleaning the home, bringing the kids from A to B, washing the clothes, going to work, does it

Cold shower thumbnail, 3 Benefits 1 Question
Health Changer
Jerome Mielczarek

Cool Off: Cold Shower Benefits!

When was the last time you jumped into wild water ? Pretty cold right ? After a hot day in the summer it felt great to Cool Off. Don’t you remember that after

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